Brand Spotlight: Designer Adex Tiles

Adex Tile has been a family-owned company since 1897. The original factory was located in Onda in Castellón, Spain. The demand for the North American market was calling for ADEX tile. Backed by their parent company ADEX S.L., they have expanded their tile collections to meet the needs of consumers and tile designers in North America. The focus is to speak to both fashion and function with multiple product types, styles, finishes, and colors. Adex’s core belief is that its product can only be as good as the service it provides to its customers.

Adex Tile is also committed to reducing water consumption. Their manufacturing process optimizes water management, reusing and optimizing water in different processes that seek to reduce depletion and contamination.

The use of recycled materials is an important initiative for Adex Tile. This helps them reduce their impact on the environment, which is essential for future generations.

Adex Tile’s commitment goes beyond just the planet; they are also committed to supporting local communities through education and training programs that help people gain skills and find employment opportunities.

Adex Tile Collections

Habitat Multi-Tone Glaze

The Habitat Multi-Tone Glaze is a collection of sophisticated and elegant glazes. These glazes have been designed to be used on tiles, sinks, and countertops, but they are also perfect for walls and other interior surfaces. The Habitat Multi-Tone Glaze offers an extensive color palette that includes deep glossy glazes and soft matte finishes. Habitat Multi-Tone Glaze is available in an elegant tone-on-tone color palette with warm neutrals and rich colors that blend seamlessly together. This Adex Tile collection includes 18 colors to choose from.

Studio Collection

The Studio Collection from Adex Tile is a bold, yet understated collection that offers depth and character for understated movement and variation. The innovative Studio Collection offers depth and character for understated movement and variation. The ensemble includes highly embossed decos, artfully painted surfaces, and three-dimensional trims – all in a deeply satisfying color palette. You can personalize bathrooms, backsplashes, accent walls, and more for a lasting impression.

Ocean Collection

Ocean Micro Crackle is a ceramic tile glaze with a typical crackle effect. It is a micro-crackle product, in which the cracks are visible only on close inspection. The size of the cracks can be adjusted by changing the firing temperature of the kiln.

The typical crackle glaze combined with the unique micro-crackle effect creates a unique tile that does not look like any other. Ocean Micro Crackle from Adex Tile can be applied to both porcelain and earthenware tiles. The final color depends on the color of your base material and the firing temperature of your kiln. The product has been tested for use on external and internal wall surfaces.

At International Bath and Tile, we have a large variety of designer tiles from Adex Tile to choose from. Stop by and see the beauty Adex Tile can bring to your home.