Design Your Bathroom with Hastings!

Bathrooms can be a very personal room in the house and designing a room that the whole family can be comfortably in can sometimes be a challenge. We tend to design a room to our tastes and sometimes forget we are not to only ones to use that room. There are several things that need to be taken into consideration.

Bathrooms can be designed to be fun, elegant, modern and above all functional. Hastings Tile and Bath features luxury products for any contemporary or traditional designs that you can accent with a pop of bright color or mosaic tile or a patterned backsplash. By using earth tones and warm colors for the rest of the room will create a warm and inviting room

If you want a more elegant room, choose cabinet that will allow you to hide and store the bath toys. Have drawers and cabinet space for the younger members of the family to use and feel independent while still maintaining that elegant look.

Hastings Bathroom Storage

When considering your design storage is key, for a small bathroom there are storage units for over the toilet, you can hide in the wall or even add shelving on a wall. Choosing a larger or wider vanity can give you the added storage you need and is not only beautiful but very functional as well. These larger vanities come will more space under the sink, extra drawers some with compartments and even a space for dirty laundry eliminating the use of a laundry basket.

Regardless of the amount of space in your room there are cabinets, shelving and storage units to fit your family’s needs, and your bathroom space. Once you have chosen your cabinets and storage units you can then highlight with splashes of color, mosaic tiles and specialty lighting to transform your just “okay” bathroom to an oasis!

Hasting Bathroom storage

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