Design An Eco-Friendly Bathroom

Hansgrohe shower

If you love the environment, why stop at just one eco-friendly room in your house? Why not make your bathroom eco-friendly too? It just makes perfect sense.

There are so many ways you can improve this five by eight sized room. Having an eco-friendly bathroom will be a great way to start going green. This will be a wonderful economical choice.

Now, there are a few, simple adjustments you can make, in order to, reduce impact on the environment:

Hansgrohe sink and faucet

1. By installing aerators on the faucet and showerhead, it will reduce the amount of water used. Theses aerators use half the water flow with twice the power. To be even more specific, they use two gallons of water per minute versus six gallons per minute. Just think, if they were actually used nationwide, it could save a total of 250 million gallons of water each and every year.

2. Try using a low-flow toilet because, once again, it will use much less water. The throne will be fit for royalty.

Hansgrohe tub and fixtures

3. You can prevent mold and mildew from building up by installing a bath fan, which will reduce moisture. (Be sure that the fan is safe for installation over tubs and showers.)

4. For environmentally-friendly floors, natural linoleum and finished bamboo are extremely top notch.

5. Look for wheatboard bathroom cabinets, which are usually made from wheat straw and a nontoxic binder.

6. When looking for paint make sure the label says, low volatile organic compounds (VOC.) These paints are known to be less toxic.

7. Lastly, make an investment in recycled toilet paper.

So, as you can see, your bathroom can be absolutely beautiful and at the same time still aid in saving our environment’s natural resources. Interior decorating has never been considered to be so healthy! It is not only about what goes into your body, but what is surrounding your body too.

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