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Classic Style of DXV

International Bath and Tile feels grateful to be one of the handfuls of companies throughout the US authorized to sell DXV online. We are also proud to be the only reseller on the west coast selling DXV products!

DXV produces extraordinary bathroom and kitchen collections that have brought the most beautiful designs to homes for the past 150 years. DXV collections design replicates the Eras of Classic, Golden, Modern, and Contemporary. This results in a truly inspired design that improves the experience of everyday living. DXV is the boutique brand of American Standard. A complete package, from faucets, accessories, pedestal sinks, bathtubs, and furniture vanities.

DXV bathroom

If you are looking to give life to your kitchen or bathroom, DXV Collections will give you a designer look and feel.

The Classic Movement broke the boundaries of historicism and neoclassic designs that resulted in a fresher, and natural esthetic design. During this time, decorative art, and architecture grew together to be embellished with flowing lines, natural details, and sophisticated patterns.

In the Classic Era, you will find the Landfair, Oakhill, and St George Bathroom Collections, as well as the Hillside and Victorian Kitchen Collections

Pure lines and simple contours reflect the transition of architectural detail in the collections during the Golden Era. The popular industrial design brought contours, and simplified geometries of the era that reflected a modern move. Breaking with tradition these designs incorporated the influences of culture with revealing simplicity into their products.

In the Golden Era, you will find the Fitzgerald, Keefe, Pop, Randall, and the Wyatt Bathroom Collections.

With bold statements and authentic style, the Modern Era provides artistic forms and angular planes. Many thought of the Modern Movement as the power of the individual to change, restructure and reimagine their physical surroundings. A dramatic achievement of functional elegance and breathless style.

DXV kitchen

In the Modern Era, you will discover the DXV Modulus, Rem, Lowell Bathroom Collections, and the Fresno Kitchen Collection.

The Contemporary Era brings together inspirations of worldwide and individual styles. Contemporary unite minimal functionality with lush textures, elaborate details, and natural materials. Contemporary design is now. It reflects and answers to the complexity of our changing world.

In the Contemporary Era, you will acquire the Equality, Percy, Cossu, and the Isle Collection as well as the At Smart Toilet Series.

Our goal at International Bath and Tile is to provide the most extensive collection of DXV by American Standard products on the web. Please browse through the many beautiful categories that DXV offers.