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ADEX is a family-owned company dating back to 1897. The original factory is located in Onda (Castellón, Spain). The demand of the North American market was calling for ADEX tile. Backed by our parent company ADEX, S.L. and inspired by the love of tile, ADEX USA was born to further expand the legacy. ADEX continues to expand its tile collections to meet the needs of consumers and tile designers in North America. The focus is to speak to both fashion and function with multiple product types, styles, finishes, and colors. Adex’s core belief is that their product can only be as good as the service they provide to our customers.


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  • Brand Spotlight: Designer Adex Tiles

    Adex Tile has been a family-owned company since 1897. The original factory was located in Onda in Castellón, Spain. The demand for the North American market was calling for ADEX...

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  • Fresh Designs of Adex Tiles

    Bathrooms have a lot more impact on a person’s living than we give them credit for. At the start of the day, a vigorous shower will wake you up, and...

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