Bath, Shower, and Furniture Trends Graff is Starting

Graff is one of the most distinguished luxury brands in the plumbing world. Over time, they have transformed from a small manufacturing company into a world-renowned designer brand known for their sophistication and setting of trends.

Bath Trend: Tranquility Collection
Graff’s Tranquility Collection radiates Zen and serenity. There is a significant amount of Asian influence within this collection. This is shown especially in the faucet handles that take the shape of bamboo shoots. As soon as you walk into a Tranquility designed bathroom, you will instantly be transported to your place of calm. Who doesn’t appreciate a serene habitat to come home to?

Shower Trend: Aqua-Sense Collection
The advancements in technology are revealed in Aqua-Sense Collection. Graff’s Aqua-Sense has transformed the shower experience with innovation and high technology. There are different shower components available such as: water, light, and sound. Each shower system has options for rainfall, rain curtain, cascade water, LED chromotherapy lighting, and volume functions. All of your senses will be on a symphonic journey with Aqua-Sense giving you the ability to control your personalized shower experience, like non other!

Furniture Trend: Dressage Collection
Graff’s Dressage Collection reminds us of the pleasures of living simply—as if you were taken back in time to log cabin living. Dressage brings elements of traditional craftsmanship to the design world. Each piece is simple, wooden, and charming. That being said, Dressage is also highly innovative. You have the freedom to mix and match which fixture should be placed where. The Freestanding Vanity in solid wood has empty holes where you can place the mirror, sink, storage drawers, and storage tray. Graff has paved the way for other innovative and architectural designers.

Graff clearly sets the bar high for design in the plumbing world with these trends and others. International Bath and Tile, takes pride in always being first to show off Graff’s latest collection in our two showrooms. We consider Graff to be one of our premium vendors because of the quality of their fixtures, excellent after sales customer service, revolutionary designs, and excellent value. If you are interested in talking to an expert about Graff, please give us a call at (858) 346-7455. For more information about Graff, visit our website here.