Anne Sacks tiles

Ann Sacks Radiant Tiles

Ann Sacks was created in 1981 and is based in Portland Oregon.  Ann Sacks made its reputation with inspiring designs in tile, stone, plumbing, lighting, and accessories. Their tiles will help you meticulously design any space in your home because of the beautiful and functional tiles they produce. You will love tiles that have robust hard surfaces that are easy to clean and easy maintenance. Ann Sacks has a variety of tile collections that will allow you to fill your design ideas into your home making it the sanctuary of your dreams.

With Ann Sacks, you can choose from mosaic, stone, ceramic, marble, travertine, limestone, porcelain, glass, concrete, metal, terra cotta, and wood tiles. The collections they have will give you many options to choose from.

Anne Sacks Tiles


Apex will bring a room a sense of splendor with its magnificent geometric shapes. This is a collection made of bold stoneware designs that facet 14 of the most luminous artisan glazes. This collection is wonderful for large, inspired installations for any wall in your home.

Anne Sacks Tiles

Catia Grey

The Catia Grey collection is a striking grey marble that comes from Portugal. It has one-of-a-kind coloration and veining design that will bring an impression to any room. This marble collection can be used for indoor walls, shower walls, and flooring purposes.

Anne Sacks Tiles


Ann Sacks Lux travertine has a coating of brilliant colors of gold, silver, and pewter that will make any wall an amazing statement. Bring some bling to any room in your home.

Anne Sacks Tiles

Noir Sully

Noir Sully is known for its dark grey background with a gentle swirl of light grey markings and inclusions. This limestone tile is visually striking and pleasing on any interior and is made for all indoor walls and flooring in any room.

Anne Sacks Tiles


The Stampino collection has an organic element that will capture anyone’s eye.  This porcelain tile has a soft nature that has a perfect matte surface. Stampino comes in a plain tile, with complementing linear and cross-hatch patterns that can be mixed and matched to give your wall or flooring an elegant look.

Anne Sacks Tiles


The Profile tile collection is crafted from a lavish natural resource called silica sand. This rich natural resource gives this glass tile vibrant colors. This tile collection also contains recycled content as well. You can choose from a lush palette of warm earthy tones, gentle blues and greens, striking metallics, and a vibrant red.

Anne Sacks Tiles

Andy Fleishman

The Andy Fleishman collection is absolutely a rare concrete flooring that has grout lines to produce a well-defined patterned look. These tiles make a statement in any installation. The concrete tiles are made from an all-natural mixture that has a combination of mixture of sand, gravel, and cement.

Anne Sacks Tiles


These beautiful tiles are produced in Morocco by sixth and seventh-generation mosaic craftsmen. The Idris by Ait Manos collection is made to bring attention to the detail of its fine work. These tiles are handmade with hand-glazed and hand-cut terra cotta tile.  These mosaics are created using traditional and regional clays and glaze pigments.

Anne Sacks Tiles


Each piece of Ann Sacks Petrified Wood tiles exhibits exceptional knots and rings that portrayed a peculiar tree.  No two tiles are the same and the final finish product has a radiant, and exotic look that is extremely durable and rare.

Using the right tiles in your home can give your home the desired look you have been trying to achieve. Ann Sacks tiles will not disappoint. These one-of-a-kind collections of tiles will bring charm and elegance to every room. Stop by International Bath and Tile to view these wonderful collections of chic tiles.