AKDO Tiles Are Far Beyond The Surface

Akdo Tiles & Stone

At International Bath and Tile, we love seeing how AKDO’s has improved their tiles product line as well as their showroom. We also discovered that AKDO is coordinating with architects and designers known throughout the world for their innovative styles and designs for their tiles to create a brand that steps out of the box and embraces all projects both commercial and residential.


Founded 25 years ago by two Turkish brothers Hakki and  Silkar; separated by an ocean and life challenges ADKO has always been a family business with the motto “Far Beyond The Surface”. Hakki wanted to create a company that focused on what Turkey had an abundance of, stone, and what Americans had a thirst for, beautiful luxurious tiles that fit all budgets and project sizes. The company is made up of several quarries, factories, ateliers, and a large global distribution network to produce beautiful, high-end, high-quality luxury tiles.

AKDO doesn’t limit themselves to creating one type of tile great they create all types of tiles beautifully! The materials include marble, porcelain, and glass in all shapes and sizes AND they will not break your budget. ADKO has the basic tiles but if you want to dip your toe into luxury they have tiles with gold and silver leaf and marble and gold inlays, perfect for those focus tiles in your design.

AKDO wall tiles

One of the remarkable aspects of AKDO tiles is that they can be mixed and matched with different colors and finishes to create a one of a kind inspiring design for any space. The manufacturing process has strict quality control to ensure the colors and patterns are consistent with no warping, chips, or cracks.

Regardless of what type of tile you are looking for or your design ADKO and bring your design to life!