Accessorize Your Bathroom with Ginger

Normally when people think about bathrooms, they think about faucets, tubs, sinks, shower seats, and other big items that are must-haves for any bathroom or kitchen. But what about accessories? At some point or another, we find ourselves yearning for them, if not outright needing some. A place to hang our towels, to hold our soap, mirrors, and lights to see ourselves with. Without these, a bathroom would not truly be complete. Ginger is a renowned company whose products focus mainly on that need, along with a faucet line.

Ginger specializes in keeping your bathroom organized with its elegant but functional bathroom accessories. Their collections include robe hooks, towel racks, soap dishes, glasses, lights, mirrors, shower rods and shelves are all here. Deciding to serve a spectrum of tastes, they have lines that are more retro, giving an art-deco and pseudo-Victorian look, along with sharper modern and minimalist designs. Here’s a showing of the different sorts of robe and towel hooks they have:

Ginger Bathroom Accessories

Ginger’s accessories lines offer a vast difference between each of them, from a fluid traditional shape to a stark modernist design and finally a minimalist hook formed from a single piece of metal. Ginger products contain highly tempered brass and finish with the industry standards of polished nickel, chrome, and brass, along with satin and antique finishes.

Ginger’s final offerings that mark them as a top design house is their towel racks, lights, and mirrors. While their mirrors are standard in terms of the cut, the subtle alterations between each line cement them firmly within the archetypes of each. They are made for everyone since they all tilt downwards slightly to accommodate children or those of shorter stature.

Ginger bathroom accoessories

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