Established in 1979, International Bath & Tile was a pioneer of the modern showroom. We were early adapters in a paradigm shift from raw industrial facilities to customer-focused experiences, and have remained on the cutting edge of technology and design ever since.

Our Showrooms

Our two showrooms located in San Diego and Solana Beach, California offer a profoundly cultured experience, showcasing our massive yet refined collection of architectural plumbing fixtures, glass, stone, tile, porcelain, and door hardware. More than 100 of the finest modern brands meet a dazzling array of old-world, handmade, and exclusive pieces in what we consider to be the physical representation of our decades-long design legacy.

Our spaces are designed to inspire, but not overwhelm. With a boutique vignette setup and plenty of consultants on the floor at all times, you are sure to find beautiful products that fit your budget. From New York to L.A. to London, you will not find a showroom more inclusive, inviting, and invigorating than International Bath & Tile.