Our Team

Immediately upon visiting us, it becomes clear that you are not in a typical big-box showroom. Our team is:


We hail from all corners of the globe, and draw inspiration from each of our unique travels and experiences.


If you’re a design maven, we’ll instantly connect with and rise to your level of enthusiasm. If you’re a homeowner who just wants the job done, we’ll awaken your inner flair by offering our creativity.


Every member of our team is continuously trained on technical details, applications, and industry standards to complement their diverse professional experiences, which range from corporate design to remodeling to construction.


We share a collective love of design, with individual interests spanning photography, fashion, jewelry, and all things aesthetic.


Most importantly, our staff is equipped with the knowledge and autonomy to offer insight, resourcefulness, and expert consultancy for your project. We even have bilingual consultants who can communicate seamlessly with Spanish-speaking customers.

We are proud members of:

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